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Prior to the Reorganisation of States, there was no separate Department as such to deal with the various social legislations like the Children Act, the Probation of Offenders Act and the Prevention of Prostitution Act in Mysore State. The Inspector-General of Prisons was looking after the work under the Madras Children Act and the Madras Probation of Offenders Act in the District of Bellary which was merged in the Mysore State in 1953. The Inspector-General of Prisons continued to be in charge of the above work for some time even after the Reorganisation of States. Consequent on the Reorganisation of States, the Inspector-General of Prisons was also made responsible for the work under the Ramanagara Children Act, the Ramanagara Probation of Offenders Act and the Ramanagara Habitual Offenders Restriction Act, in the four districts of Ramanagara-Karnataka, and the work under the Madras Probation of offenders Act in the District of Ramanagara.